2016 IFIAR Plenary Meeting
(April 19-21, 2016)
Delegates from nearly 50 independent audit regulators met in London (United Kingdom) to focus on issues related to improving audit quality. For more information on this meeting, please see the 2016 IFIAR Plenary Meeting Press Release.

2016 IFIAR Plenary Meeting Breakout Session Overviews
As in previous years, IFIAR included breakout sessions in its 2016 Plenary Meeting agenda. These breakout sessions were designed to maximize not only the topics discussed at Plenary Meetings, but also the quality of those discussions. An aim of breakout sessions is to facilitate active participation in discussions of important topics, furthering the goal of sharing knowledge and promoting collaboration amongst Members.

Future of Audit: Big Data and Artificial Analysis
Panelists and audience discussed the concept of big data analytics and the implications of its increased use for the audit profession and audit oversight. The summary of the session can be found here.

Innovation in Audit Oversight
In this session delegates from IFIAR Members shared their experiences with innovation in oversight. The summary of the session can be found here.

Extended Auditor Reporting
A delegate from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) shared the UK experience with extended auditor reporting. The summary of the session can be found here.
Highlights of previous Plenary Meetings:

2015 Plenary Meeting (Taipei)

2014 Plenary Meeting (Washington D.C.)


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